COVID-19 Long Haulers

What is a COVID-19 long hauler?

There is no way to know how COVID-19 will impact you. While many who have contracted COVID-19 appear to be “recovered” after one to two weeks, there are many who would say they are far from being in that category. Individuals who are referred to as “long haulers” are those who continue to suffer debilitating effects of the disease months after being infected with the virus. Some studies1 and surveys with patients show that 50-80% of people continue to have bothersome symptoms up to three months after they contracted COVID-19, even though the virus is no longer in their bodies. Many of these people lived very active lifestyles prior to getting sick; hiking, traveling, regular exercise routines, and more. Now, months after initially contracting the virus, these long haulers say they are nowhere near returning to their familiar lifestyle.



What are some of the effects that long haulers are dealing with?

Long haulers are battling symptoms for not just days or weeks, but months. Some of the effects long haulers continue to experience are: chronic fatigue, hair loss, blood clots, hearing deficits, tremors, body aches, tachycardia, heart palpitations and other cardiac issues, insomnia, cognitive issues, short term memory loss, vertigo, random adrenaline rushes, dysautonomia, anxiety, blurry vision, brain fog, and more. These side effects have a devastating impact on these individuals and their families.


University of Utah Health’s Long-Hauler Clinic is now seeing patients for lingering symptoms and side effects following COVID-19 infection. Learn more.

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How can I connect with other long haulers?

There are several social media groups that connect people all over the world to discuss symptoms, experiences, coping mechanisms, and possible treatments. They have become a support group to each other and believe there is power in numbers to bring light to the severity of COVID-19. They welcome anyone to share their story and connect with others who have had similar experiences.