UDOH Update for March 18, 2020


Given this morning’s events, we are unable to provide an in-person briefing on the state’s COVID-19 response. Please be aware of the following updates, and reach out via email if you have specific questions.

Case Counts: Today, Utah is reporting 63 total cases statewide. Utah residents account for 53 of these cases, visitors account for the remaining 10. Visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/latest for a detailed breakdown of cases.

Lab Update: Public and commercial laboratories in Utah have tested 1,222 people for COVID-19. Some large, commercial laboratories are not yet reporting negative results to the UDOH. As a result, we believe current data on number of people tested is significantly lower than the actual number of people tested. All labs are reporting positive results.

Additionally, the Utah Public Health Laboratory remains closed following this morning’s earthquake. The lab is being assessed for any potential damage. Once the assessment is complete and the building is determined to be safe testing will resume.

There were no samples being tested at the time of the earthquake. Additionally, no samples or laboratory equipment were damaged during the earthquake.

Other commercial laboratories in Utah ARE currently operational and are processing COVID-19 tests.

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